Tax net to be broadened: Finance Minister Khatiwada


Ranjha, Dec 22 .Finance Minister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada has said the tax net was being expanded.

Opening a newly constructed building of the Internal Revenue Office in Nepalgunj today, Minister Dr Khatiwada stressed that the businesspersons would be brought to tax net. The tax net is being expanded based on the geography. Establishment of revenue office in Surkhet is the example to this.

The Finance Minister shared the information that efforts were on to promote the taxpayers service office as the revenue office and expand revenue offices in various geographical regions too.

If the taxpayers were discouraged, they could lodge complaints at the concerned offices, he said, underscoring, “In case of political pressure, you-both the payers and receivers- can contact me. Adherence to law and regulations is imperative in the financial transaction.”
According to him, confusion persists for some months in the transition, but it does not continue for long.

The sub-customs office would be made more functional and well managed in order to revive the smooth collection of revenue from various parts of the country. The sub-customs office would be set up in new border points, the Minister shared the government plan.
On the occasion, Director General at Inland Revenue Department, Bishnu Prasad Nepal, said the new building was constructed at a cost of Rs 44.5 million.