Vianet announces “Buy 1 Gift 1 Free” internet campaign


KATHMANDU, JANUARY 24: Vianet Communication Ltd. has announced “Buy 1 Gift 1 Free”–the first internet campaign of its kind – for both new and renewing customers. Under this campaign announced yesterday, customers who renew or install Vianet connections can gift a 125 Mbps 3-month package to loved ones for free and in return get an additional 1 month of Internet free for themselves as well.

“To be eligible for it, they must renew or install a 125 Mbps or higher speed Internet package with a subscription duration of 3, 6 or 12 months. Once eligible, the customers will receive a Gift Voucher via SMS which they can share with their loved ones,” states a press release issued by the company.

“The person who receives the gift voucher can then contact Vianet to claim the gift of a 125 Mbps 3-month package worth Rs. 2,700 + VAT for free. The gift voucher is only available for new installation and installation charges will apply. Once the gift voucher has been claimed, the original customer who gave the gift voucher to their loved one will get 1 month of Internet for free as a reward for referring a new customer to Vianet.”

To make this offer more attractive, Vianet has also introduced a new discounted price for a 125 Mbps 3-month package available now at only Rs. 2,700 + VAT.