Why UAE special for India? Modi government changed this rule for friends !


Agency. The central government on Monday approved the export of non-Basmati rice to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through National Cooperative Export Limited (NCEL).
The government has given permission to export 75,000 tonnes of rice.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued a notification and shared information in this regard. According to PTI, the government has currently completely banned the export of non-Basmati rice in the country.

After this decision, there was an atmosphere of panic for rice in many countries and the news of a huge jump in the prices of rice there had become headlines in the past. However, despite the ban, India has come forward on the request of its friends and neighboring countries to meet their food security demand and has approved the export of rice to these countries.

Allowing export of 75,000 tonnes of non-Basmati white rice to UAE through NECL is also expected to bring relief in rice prices there. It is noteworthy that earlier the Modi government had given permission to export 5 lakh tonnes of broken rice to Senegal, 5 lakh tonnes to Gambia, 2 lakh tonnes to Indonesia, 1 lakh tonnes to Mali and 48,804 tonnes to Bhutan.