WorldLink’s customer base reaches 900,000 mark


KATHMANDU, APRIL 24: WorldLink, a pioneer in the telecommunications industry of Nepal, has announced a “significant” achievement in its 29 years of service: reaching a customer base of 900,000. “Since its inception in 1995, WorldLink has been at the forefront of providing innovative internet services to the people of Nepal, evolving from email services to cutting-edge fibre internet connectivity,” claims a press release issued by the company.

WorldLink’s journey began by offering email services and has since expanded to provide a comprehensive range of internet solutions, starting from dial-up, cable internet, wireless internet, and the revolutionary FTTH fibre internet introduced in 2014.

Currently operating in 73 districts of Nepal through its network of 130 branches, WorldLink has witnessed the number of its customers increasing from  1 lakh in May 2017 to 9 lakh customers in April 2024.

With a workforce of +5300 employees, the company is serving individual households, major industries, banking and finance sectors, and government offices with its enterprise internet services.

To fuel its future growth and expansion initiatives, WorldLink has secured Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from British International Investment and Dolma Impact. This strategic investment is said to have enabled the company to enhance its infrastructure and bolster its capacity, positioning it for further success in the dynamic telecommunications market.

Currently holding a remarkable 35% market share in the ISP industry, the company accounts for 40% of Nepal’s internet traffic consumption