Yamaha celebrates 15 Years of pioneering FI technology with a 10-Year warranty


KATHMANDU, APRIL 23: Yamaha, a leading name in the motorcycle industry, has celebrated its 15 years of pioneering Fuel Injection (FI) technology in Nepal. To celebrate this milestone, it yesterday introduced a 10-year Warranty on all FZ FI V3 Standard and FZ FI V3 Deluxe bikes, marking the first time in Nepal for any two-wheeler company to offer such an extensive warranty.

“The introduction of this kind of warranty marks a bold statement of Yamaha’s commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. It reaffirms Yamaha’s position as a brand synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness,” states a press release issued by the company.  “From the rugged terrain of Upper Mustang to the bustling streets of Kathmandu, Yamaha FZ bikes have proven their mettle time and again. Now, with the 10-year Warranty, riders can embark on their adventures with even greater peace of mind.”