Yamaha  Nepal Launches the RayZR 125 Hybrid

Kathmandu, May 27. Yamaha Nepal is proud to unveil the highly anticipated RayZR 125 Hybrid, Nepal’s first-ever hybrid scooter with a Smart Motor Generator. The RayZR 125 Hybrid comes in four trims: Standard, Deluxe and Premium/premium plus, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of riders.

At the heart of the RayZR 125 Hybrid is a powerful air-cooled, fuel-injected (Fi) 125 cc blue core engine. The Hybrid variants of the RayZR 125 series leverage the Smart Motor Generator to provide power assistance during acceleration from a standstill. This advanced system, also known as the silent starter, doubles up as an electric motor to aid zippier performance and fuel efficiency in city riding conditions. The seamless integration of electric power support not only conserves fuel but also enhances the overall riding experience.

The RayZR 125 Hybrid is equipped with a redesigned, fully digital instrument cluster and LED headlamp as standard, ensuring optimum visibility and convenience for riders. Remarkably lightweight at just 99 kg, with a ground clearance of 145 mm, it has features such as a unified braking system (UBS), side stand engine cut-off function, and a 21-liters under-seat storage. The stop-and-start system further enhances fuel efficiency by automatically switching off the engine during brief stops, saving valuable energy.

Raju Chettri, CEO of Yamaha Nepal, expressed his excitement about the RayZR 125 Hybrid series, stating, “After the successful launch of the Aerox, the ultimate scooter biking, Yamaha Nepal is proud to introduce Nepal’s first-ever hybrid scooter, the RayZR 125 Hybrid. This remarkable offering combines power, style, and safety, further enhancing our commitment to providing cutting-edge products to our valued customers.”

The base model of the RayZR 125 Hybrid (Drum) starts at NPR 279,900. Yamaha Nepal aims to provide an affordable option for riders seeking a perfect balance between power, safety, and style with a seamless integration of hybrid technology. To experience the future of scootering.