Young Business Executive Forum (YBEF) inaugurated.

Kathmandu, June 25. The Young Business Executive Forum (YBEF) has been formally inaugurated under the umbrella of Nepal Foreign Trade Association. The forum formed as the youth department of the association and is led by Gaurav Sharda. The association has appointed Sharda as the President of the YBEF.

As per the association, the forum aims to develop dynamic young business leaders. The forum has been formed to create capable youth leadership in the business sector through knowledge exchange, promotion of innovative ideas and practical learning, and exchange of information, said Sunil Kumar Bansal, president of NFTA.

The forum will promote the skills and abilities of young entrepreneurs by teaching them good business practices. The Union believes that this will prepare the leadership to face the challenges of the dynamic corporate world.

Sushil Gupta is the advisor of the forum. The association has also informed that Jayant Agrawal is the vice president and Sumit Kumar Banshal (Dhanuka) is the general secretary. Similarly, Saloni Sethia has been given the responsibility of bilateral trade and relations. Pravesh Agrawal has been given the responsibility of the Import and Export Trade Promotion Department and Kushal Sundar Shrestha has been given the responsibility of the network and membership campaign.

The forum unveiled a banner and made the forum public at a function held in Kathmandu on Friday.