Nepal can’t tolerate the Insult, Solution is to return the Land: PM Oli


The Prime Minister said, “Until 1961 the territory was under the control of Nepal but India occupied that in 1962. Now we have said that we are looking for a solution to this problem through negotiations. The solution is to return our land.”
Responding to a questions raised by Members of Parliament

Prime Minister Oli also explained upon issues including the Sugauli Treaty and the Nepal-India Group of Eminent Persons (EPG) report.

Prime Minister Oli thanked the federal parliament and parliamentarians for showing unity by expressing unanimous sentiment on national issues. He said, “Our ancestors built this country by fighting and saved it by fighting. Now, we only have to establish our geographical integrity. The nation is united in its stand and the parliament has reflected the sentiments of the people.”
He Further said, “Even outside the parliament, there is a national unity on this issue.” National unity has been demonstrated in the entire intellectual sector, civil society and various sections of social life, organizations and institutions. He express his happiness in this.

A new map has been made public including the map of Limpiyadhura and in an effort to give it constitutional recognition. On Wednesday, the prime minister replied, “No one is spared. It is not a matter of who gets what, who gets credit, who gets deified. It is a manifestation of the common sentiment of all Nepalis. ‘

Limbiyadhura: Occupied by India

Prime Minister Oli said that Limbiyadhura was not a disputed area but was occupied by India. According to Oli, India occupied the territory that was of Nepal’s till 1961.

The issue has now come to a head, but Nepal is ready to resolve the issue through talks, the prime minister said, adding, “We are looking for a solution through talks. The solution is to return our land.”
Stating that initiatives are being taken to resolve the border dispute, Prime Minister Oli said that Limbiyadhura has been given high priority. The Prime Minister said in Parliament, “Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani are the subject of controversy now.”

The land is simply captured by the Indian Army in Kalapani, while Lipulek and Limpiyadhura are occupied by India.  The Prime Minister added: “We have said that we will seek a solution to this problem through diplomatic channels. The solution is to return our land. This truth wins, this is our belief. we will take it back.”

Oli repeated his stand, “One thing, I want to say is that the current government is not in a hurry. By studying the interest of the nation that seems in favor of the nation, sovereignty, independence, geographical integrity of the country, national self-respect; it stands firmly in whatever conclusion is reached.”

Answer to Yogi Adityanath: Nepal is not ready to be insulted

Prime Minister Oli has condemned the recent remarks of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath about Nepal. He said that Nepal is not ready to be insulted.

In an interview with the Indonesian News Service in Lucknow, India, on last Wednesday,  Yogi Adityanath said that Nepal should think about the consequences before determining its political boundaries. He also said that Nepal should remember what wrong Tibet had done .

Congress lawmakers had sought the government’s opinion on the issue.
In response, Prime Minister Oli said, “Adityanath Yogiji, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has commented. it is not justified. If you are trying to threaten Nepal in this way, it is not appropriate.” He added, “Let’s just say that he is not even a decisive person in the central government. He is the Chief Minister, so he should not have said that.” he denounced it as a non-negotiable subject. He declared, “We understand it as a contempt for Nepal. I would like to remind Yogiji that Nepal is not ready to accept insult.”