UAE extends time for amnesty by one more month

Kathmandu, Nov. 1 . The government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has extended the deadline by one month given to the irregular migrant workers either to opt for legal status or go back to their countries of origin.

Earlier, the UAE government had given the period of three months for amnesty to the irregular migrant workers working in UAE. The three-month-long deadline was supposed to end on Wednesday.

On the background, the Embassy of Nepal, UAE has asked irregular Nepali migrants in UAE to utilize the UAE government’s announcement in regard to amnesty. According to the Embassy, irregular migrant workers from Nepal, if any, can take benefit from the programme till last November.

Nepali Embassy said that Nepali migrants, who have stayed longer after the visa period and those quitting the working companies, could take advantage of the fresh move of UAE government. As per the amnesty provision, the penalty and fees likely to incur in the UAE immigration office would be waived off and the migrants would not be restricted from entering into UAE in the future.

Furthermore, the Embassy shared that those opting to stay in UAE should pay Dirham 500 to acquire temporary visa while Embassy would extend support in making travel document to those Nepalis without passport if they wish to return home.

Those Nepalis willing to stay more in UAE should contact to the Embassy along with their passport, photocopy of old passport and police report, the Embassy shared.