MAN Hosts CEO Conference: Exploring the Future of Work and AI Transformation

Kathmandu, June 2. The Management Association of Nepal (MAN) orchestrated a highly anticipated CEO Conference at Kathmandu. Themed “The Future of Work: Adapting to a Changing Landscape,” the event featured insights from international experts aimed at assisting stakeholders in navigating the evolving workplace.

A pivotal session, “Success Stories: From Scratch to the Sky,” was led by Karvika Thapa, Founder of Kimbu Tech, who guided discussions with esteemed panelists: Prabhu Rangarajan, CEO of Invest India; Sameer Maskey, Founder and CEO of Fusemachines Inc.; and Prabhu Rangarajan, Co-founder of M2P Fintech.

Thapa initiated the session by inviting panelists to share success stories, focusing on the journeys of Fusemachines Inc. and M2P Fintech. Maskey emphasized Fusemachines’ commitment to democratizing AI education globally, while Rangarajan highlighted M2P Fintech’s focus on solving real-world financial challenges through technology.

The discussion addressed the gap between high tech and banking institutions, with Maskey advocating for technology adoption to streamline processes. Rangarajan emphasized the demographic potential of Nepal and India for tech innovation in traditional banking.

Maskey stressed AI’s role as a tool to augment human capabilities, while Thapa expressed optimism about AI’s transformative potential. The panel collectively debunked the myth of AI-induced job loss, highlighting its role in creating new opportunities.

Thapa also explored education and gender diversity with panelists, emphasizing the importance of inclusive education initiatives and supportive work environments.

The CEO Conference provided valuable insights into the future of work and AI transformation, emphasizing adaptation to technological advancements for innovation and growth.