Fairs and festival fervor in Far-west hills


Baitadi, Nov 10 . Festival fervor has gripped the hilly districts of the Far-west province along with Tihar, the second biggest festival of the Nepalis. The festive environment has started in Darchula, Dadeldhura and Baitadi districts with the start of the Kattik Shuklapakshya.

Kattik Shuklapakshya or the waxing moon period in the month of Kattik as per the lunar calendar heralds the beginning of various big or small festivals in these hilly districts. This is the period of religious fairs at various temples and shrines.

The religious fair organized at Tripura Sundari goddess temple, the Raulakedar temple, Melauli Bhagawati temple, the Bhawani Mandir at Surnaya, the Shivanath Mandir, Maharudra Mandir, at Trivenidham in Purchaudi are some of the popular religious fairs are organized during this period in Baitadi district.

Likewise, religious fairs are also held at various places including Malikarjundham and Latinath in Darchula district, and at Ugratara and Bhageshwar among other religious places in Dadeldhura district during this period.

These religious festivals that are celebrated with much enthusiasm and gaiety contribute to promoting brotherhood and community feeling among the people. Apart from their religious significance, these fairs and festivals are also a good opportunity for the local traders. The local products are kept for sale and there is brisk business of local products during these festivals.

The sounds of the traditional musical instruments including the damaha drum can be heard at these various places as people from nearby villages start assembling in procession at the places where these seasonal fairs are held. This adds to the festive environment.