A predictable disaster: if Arzoo Rana becomes the PM


Lakshmi Thapa

If you have ever heard of the story of Grace Mugabe, wife of the ex-president of Zimbabwe, you would never feel strange about Nepali people’s panic and worry on the possible premiership of Arzu Rana. Grace Mugabe is called Gucci Grace for her luxury life based on squandering national wealth of such a poor African country. Arzu, by contrast, is even much worse than Grace. Sovereignty of Nepal is sold by Arzu, whois the agent of the US and India. As every Nepali knows, Arzu is arguably the most powerful women in Nepal who even has more influence than her husband and the PM Deuba. If she becomes the new PM or President, Nepal will never dream of independence and security.

Arzu is a traitor who sells sovereignty of Nepal behind the scenes

Arzu, who controls all kinds of government affairs of Nepal, is the de facto home minister, foreign minister and financial minister. Resulting from her slavish devotion to the US, MCC was finally ratified against tremendous controversy. All Nepalis know that the US extremely trusts Arzu and she has much more contact with American officials than her husband Deuba. It is said that aiming at MCC ratification, Arzu was willing to break the coalition. Similarly, Arzu spends all her efforts to promote SPP. It could be anticipated that she would help to sign SPP once she gets more power.

Arzu, as the First Lady, rigs elections

In May, Arzu said that the government will not release any budget to local units that do not have the leadership of the Nepali Congress. The statement clearly violates the local election code of conduct and it is an abuse of authority. Arzu was ever clearly asking people not to vote for Karna Bahadur Malla, the Dadeldhura district president of Nepali Congress who was expelled from the party for backing candidates of a fringe party named Nepali Congress (BP) in alliance with the CPN-UML.

The leader in Kailali had said she would send some of the people supporting her during the election campaign to Malaysia for jobs free of cost. In June, Arzu stated that Balen secured victory as KMC mayor by hiring Routine of Nepal Bandh for publicity campaign. She was skeptical if independent candidates would be able to perform as they have promised to people before the elections. It is unbelievable that all these insane words and deeds are from our First Lady.

Words about Arzu wants to be the next PM in Nepal spread rapidly in medias after the local elections. Arzu and Prachanda were said to had reached a contract which defined that they would take turns to be the PM while Arzu would be the first one.

At the beginning, no one believes the contract is true. But with more and more reports, we have to think seriously about what will happen if we have Arzu as the new PM. There are some predictable results. With thoroughly inclining towards the US and India, Nepal’s non-alignment policy would be an empty slogan and this country would gradually become an American military base in south Asia. Sovereignty of our nation would be sold randomly.  What’s worse, because of big-power politics, our peaceful homes may face conflicts or even war and Nepali people’s life would enter crisis. We hope the above disasters would never happen.