An app named Mero Discounts released to provide low cost facilities to its users


Kathmandu, Feb 06. An app called ‘Mero Discounts’ has been launched with the aim of providing discounts to general consumers when purchasing goods and services. The company launched the app on Monday by organizing an event at Kathmandu.

‘Mero Discounts’ is the only online platform in Nepal. It is developed by OC Group Software Pvt. Ltd. This app helps local businessmen to grow their business and provide quality service to customers on reasonable cost. launched by OC Group from today is an app that provides discounts to consumers. According to the information provided by the developer, users of this app can get special discounts on every item and services that they purchase.

The discounts received can be in the form of cash discounts, promo codes, vouchers, coupons or other types. Whether it is service of health sectors or fitness, clean and delicious food or enjoying a spa, usersof this app can get it at an affordable price.

With mero discount, middle class customers can also avail quality services and facilities. In addition, the company claims that it will help to increase the sales of business sectors and firms. It encourages new businessmen to move forward.

According to the company, the sellers connected with Mero Discounts can easily provide quality services and offers goods as per their wishes. So, it helps to establish a cordial relationship between businessmen and customers. Apart from this, they said that the company will also provide business consultancy to the businessmen.

Why should customers choose Mero Discounts? Responding the question, the company mentioned: to increase the business in the national and international market, to promote the business through large advertisements, to make simple and safe payments.

Apart from that, it is mandatory to use this app to present yourself on an interactive and visual platform time and again, to continuously update and upgrade the business, to analyze and offer prices according to the market demand, to create a strategy professionally and also to get personal consultation about the business.