Bird flu checkpoints in Kavrepalanchowk

Kavrepalanchowk, March 19 . Kavre-based Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Centre has decided to keep checkpoints in three different areas after bird flu was confirmed in federal capital Kathmandu and other adjoining districts.

In order to prevent outbreak of bird flu epidemic in the district, the Centre decided to place bird flu epidemic checkpoints at Mangaltar, Sanga and Nala areas, informed Centre’s Chief Dr Mogal Prasad Shah.

He further shared the checkpoint would be run under the leadership of livestock service section chief.

Nepal Veterinary Association would allow the entrance of birds to the district after examining the certificate of the health of importing birds.

“Checkpoints would be set up along with the police office. The birds would not be allowed to enter into the districts without health certificate”, he added.

Dr Shah further informed that the Centre has already sent circular to local levels for this. “We are making preparation to initiate checking at the points from today”.