Kathmandu Metropolis urges citizens for preventive measures against dengue

KATHMANDU, JUNE 2: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has advised citizens to take precautionary measures against dengue fever infection. With temperatures on the rise and the monsoon season approaching, the local government has cautioned residents about the heightened risk of dengue.

According to the advisory, the proliferation of mosquito larvae is expected to increase with the onset of rainfall, further amplifying the risk of infection. Sajina Maharjan, the acting chief of the Kathmandu Metropolis health department, said that though there have been no reported cases of dengue in the city thus far, the local government is concerned about its potential outbreak during the rains. Maharjan added that regular cleaning is being carried out at the ward level to mitigate the risk.

In preparation for any potential outbreaks, the local government has ensured the availability of essential supplies such as Cetamol and Jeevan Jal for those affected by dengue. The supplies will be coordinated through the health promotion centers at the ward level.

Moreover, teams comprising center employees, volunteers, and sanitation workers are busy finding areas with accumulated water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and cleaning them.

The local government also plans to undertake bio-larvicide spraying activities if deemed necessary to combat the spread of dengue infection.