Central bank urges for carrying out banking transactions sans any doubts


KATHMANDU, FEBRUARY 21: In a bid to dispel the prevalent rumours about the financial health of a few Nepali banks, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has said that the banks and financial institutions (BFIs) are strictly adopting safety and other related measures as directed by it.

Claiming that certain BFIs are on the verge of collapse, a group led by Durga Prasai is currently engaged in prompting people to withdraw their deposits.

In this context, the central bank, issuing a press state release yesterday, said,” Several rules, regulations, guidelines and directives have been put in place for ensuring strong, ethical and transparent operations of the BFIs. And, they  are also showing committent to act in line with such legal frameworks.”

“The status of capital adequacy, credit-deposit ratio and liquidity position of the BFIs continue to maintained as per the NRB’s guidelines. The NRB time and again has been enforcing reform measures through necessary directives in case any anamolies are detected in such vital indicators.”

Arguing that he overall banking sector is capable enough to safeguard the genuine interest of the depositors, the central bank also urged all the concerned to carry out financial transactions sans any fears/doubts.