Chandragiri Municipality to enhance cooperatives’ capacity


KATHMANDU, JANUARY 30: The Chandragiri Municipality in Kathmandu has launched training and orientation for the cooperatives for their capacity building. In the wake of the waning status of cooperatives, the municipality has decided to empower them legally.

There are nearly 140 cooperatives in this municipality. For knowledge creation and sharing, it has prepared digital training resources that can be utilized via web and digital platforms.

The training materials include various 40 topics including tax, leadership development, management and institutional governance. It is prepared by a team of experts, including former secretaries of the Nepal government, former high-level officials at cooperatives and professors. The materials are also available in audiovisual formats.

The training and orientation which were earlier limited to closed-door classes are now available in digital formats – convenience for the cooperative managers, learners, shareholders and concerned stakeholders, according to the municipality’s administrative officer, Hemraj Aryal. “It will not only build knowledge and capacity for effective management of cooperatives but also help solve many problems of this sector,” he added.

Moreover, the municipality has urged the cooperatives to issue a ‘whitepaper’ and disclose property details of those who are in leadership.

Chief of economic development at the municipality, Raju Bahadur Khadka, also urged all concerned to read training materials to understand the cooperative sector well.