EC reminds all for compliance with Code of Conduct


KATHMANDU, APRIL 17: The Election Commission (EC) has reminded all stakeholders that violation of the Election Code of Conduct, which has remained in effect for the April 27 by-elections of the House of Representatives (HoR) in Ilam-2 and the Province Assembly in Bajhang 1(1), is punishable by law. The EC cautioned that action will be taken in cases of misuse of social media platforms or any other activities that breach the guidelines on electoral ethics.

The Election Code of Conduct aiming to hold the polls in a free, fair and impartial atmosphere shall remain in effect until the election procedures are completed, the EC said in a press note on Tuesday.

According to EC Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Paudel, activities on social media platforms capable of disseminating misleading or fake information, propaganda, or otherwise negatively influencing the election atmosphere, including the creation and operation of fake accounts or sites, spreading propaganda, and making unnecessary derogatory remarks, will not be tolerated during the period of the code of conduct.

Similarly, distorting any information or content issued, published, and disseminated to influence the election, as well as tagging such content to anyone, is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, any form of character assassination or personal accusations through communication channels is completely banned. A district code of conduct monitoring committee, led by the district’s Chief Election Officer, has been tasked with promptly addressing any violations of the Election Code of Conduct.

Moreover, the EC is establishing a social media monitoring unit within the Commission to swiftly address any unwanted actions and recommend appropriate actions against violations of the Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the EC has decided to write to the Press Council Nepal to encourage the promotion of healthy media content that supports the creation of a reliable, safe, and impartial atmosphere for the election. This includes discouraging negative or misleading content related to the election and taking prompt action against such materials. —