Hetauda Cement Industry resumes production


MAKWANPUR, FEBRUARY 6: Hetauda Cement Industry has resumed cement production after a gap of three and a half months. The industry had stopped production due to the lack of coal required for cement production. Naveen Kumar Karna, Deputy General Manager of the industry, said that it was difficult to purchase coal due to the financial crisis in the industry. The production started after 1,800 metric tons of coal were purchased recently. The industry requires 100 metric tons of coal every day.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of the Industry, Basant Raj Pandey, said that the industry will not be closed shortly as there will be a regular supply of coal. Due to the worn-out machines, The industry that can produce 18,000 sacks of cement per day can now produce only 10,000 sacks. The cement industry has been producing cement commercially since 2043.

Currently, 150 people are directly employed by the industry. General Manager Pandey said negotiations are going on with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies to install new equipment and provide subsidy for the purchase of necessary raw materials including coal.