Huawei hosts Huawei Connect 2021– its annual industry event dedicated to digital connectivity


Kathmandu, Nov 18 .  With the theme of “Dive into Digital”, Huawei Nepal hosted its annual industry event “Huawei Connect 2021” on November 16, 2021. In the presence of Guest of Honor Joint Secretary from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Anil Kumar Dutta, ICT industry stakeholders from the telecom and ISP sectors, professors from TU and KU, and other distinguished guests, Huawei devoted an entire afternoon towards discussing the practical applications of technologies like mobile & fixed broadband, data center, digital solar power, cloud service, and 5G. International speakers from Huawei and Huawei’s business partners in Nepal shared their presentations at the event.

The welcome remarks for the program were delivered by Huawei Asia Pacific Vice President and Huawei Nepal Chairman of the Board, Mr. Zhang Zhengjun. Mr. Zhang (Jun) highlighted that digital technology and connectivity had become a necessity for everyone across the world during the pandemic period and that advanced connectivity and computing would play an important role in fueling economic recovery and growth. He also expressed great faith in Nepal’s ability to develop digital talents and hoped for Nepal to grow as a data center hub for the region.

Speaking at the program, Joint Secretary Dutta emphasized the need for reliable and widespread digital connectivity and bridging the digital divide for post-pandemic recovery. He also praised Huawei and called Huawei’s role in 4G expansion even during the pandemic period commendable.

At the event, Huawei also formally began its co-operation with Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering (IoE). As part of its Digital Talent Development Ecosystem initiative, Huawei hopes to develop 10,000 digital talents over the next 5 years. Cooperating with IOE, Huawei will build Huawei Nepal ICT Academy, a state-of-the-art ICT lab where students will have access to the latest technologies and Huawei’s certification programs while also getting to attend classes delivered by Huawei experts. Acting Dean of IoE, Prof. Dr. Chintamani Pokharel and Huawei Nepal CEO, Mr. William Zhang signed the MoU. Joint Secretary Dutta and Mr. Zhang Zhengjun bore witness to the signing ceremony.

The program featured a virtual tour to Huawei’s Darwin Hall – its 5G exhibition hall located at the Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen where Mr. Dorian Lawson, senior expert at Huawei spoke about the practical applications of 5G ranging from AR tourism to enable rural telemedicine and rural education.

Mr. Justin Chen, Senior Solution Manager, Huawei Asia Pacific Internet Service delivered a presentation on Huawei’s new end-to-end solution for ISP businesses highlighting the new concept of F5G Fixed networks broadband and its future. Supported by Huawei’s latest technologies and solution, ISPs in Nepal has been growing and are forecasting growth in Nepalese ISP market.

Mr. Sudeep Acharya, Managing Director of Dish Media, a leading home TV service provider who has been making inroads towards the ISP market with DishHomeFibernet, shared the company’s ambitious plans in the ISP sector while expressing his confidence in Huawei’s ISP solutions. COO of Dish Media, Mr. Sven Willig and CTO Mr. Manoj KC spoke in length about how the company has risen to be a leading player in the Nepalese ISP market.

Mr. Soma Shekhar Veeranna, Regional Director, Huawei Asia Pacific Data Center Facilities Solution shared his presentation on Huawei’s prefabricated modular data center and indoor data center. Speaking on behalf of Ncell, which has deployed Huawei`s pre-fabricated data center at Nakkhu. Mr. Deependra Shah and Mr. Ranjan Sharma shared their experience on building the biggest IDC (integrated data center) in South Asia and spoke of their plans to expand Ncell’s data center service business.

Mr. Leo Huang, Solution Director, Huawei Asia Pacific FusionSolar solution, shared his presentation on Huawei`s digital solar power solution. As a telecommunications infrastructure leader for the past 3 decades, Huawei has had to work on making more power-efficient solutions for base stations built in remote off-grid locations. This expertise gained has led to Huawei investing in renewables. Huawei believes in the global trend of“Carbon neutrality” and solar power as one of the primary sources of clean power will have a bright future. Mr. Huang was certain that Huawei`s digital solar solution would help Nepal to achieve transformation in the energy sector.

Mr. David Liu, Managing Director, Huawei CloudAsia Pacific Emerging Markets, shared his presentation on Huawei’s “Everything as a service” model for public cloud business. Mr. Liu introduced Huawei Cloud`s full stack products and solutions. Mr. Sushil Pandey, CEO of & Soft9, one of Huawei’s Cloud Partners, shared his experience on working with Huawei Cloud and dubbed it as faster, more efficient and more user-friendly than the competition. Huawei Cloud plans to co-operate with local partners and ecosystems to provide the best cloud service to Nepal accelerating the digital transformation of Nepal.

Huawei, with its innovative products and solutions, will keep diving into digital to benefit the entire country, along with all ICT industry stakeholders in Nepal.