IMS Group donates Five Thousand surgical masks to Nepal Medical Association

Kathmandu, May 10. 10th May, Kathmandu: Mr. Deepak Malhotra, Chairman of IMS Group and Vice Chairman of Nepal Chamber of Commerce donated five thousand surgical masks to Nepal Medical Association. Manufacturing the masks in his own company, Mr.Malhotra handed over surgical masks to Dr. Lochan Karki, President of Nepal Medical Association. Mr. Malhotra has also been donating and providing masks to other industry and association including Federation of Nepal Journalist Association and Social Workers in the nation.

While whole world and the nation is facing crisis due to global pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19) and considering the directive of government to promote social distancing, face masks has become one of the most essential thing for people right now especially for people who are still bound to go out of their homes and perform their duties and responsibilities serving the nation even during the lockdown.

Surgical masks are a must especially to doctors, nurses and health workers who constantly deal with various patients and even patients who visit hospitals. While there has always been shortage of masks since the rise of global pandemic and is still prevalent, Mr. Deepak Malhotra, Chairman at IMS Group, donated a substantial amount of masks fulfilling a part of Corporate Social Responsibility for the nation.

“We have been fortunate enough to be able to manufacture face masks on our own and what makes me happy is if nothing at least being able to donate what we have manufactured to help people in the nation who have been working day and night regardless of how worst the situation of Corana Virus has gotten in the Nation.

At tough times like this, as a responsible and dutiful citizen we believe in serving the nation in whatever possible way we can. Currently, we have been distributing surgical masks to various associations however we will also try to make the surgical masks available in the market to our citizens and address the shortage.” – Mr.Deepak Malhotra, Chairman, IMS Group.