Nepal National Men’s Cricket Team’s New Jersey Unveil


Kathmandu, August 23.  Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) and Nepal National Cricket Team’s official sponsor my Second Teacher jointly unveil the new jersey of Nepal National Men’s Cricket Team, declaring the winning designer today. Earlier month, CAN and my Second Teacher had initiated a Press Release to conjointly open the Jersey Design Contest to all.

As per the mandatories of the contest, each of the participating designers had to engrave the country’s national flag’s Crimson and Blue colors in the jersey, abided by the rules and regulations of International Cricket Council (ICC) for the jersey design. CAN member Chumbi Lama, General Manager Raunak Malla, Cricket Manager Binod Das and a member from the Sponsor’s side collectively represented for the selection team of jersey.

In the earlier Press Release, the official sponsor of Nepal Men’s Cricket Team, my Second Teacher had pledged to award prize money of Rs. 1 Lakh to the winning designer. Amongst 500 samples of the Jersey, the design of Mr. Adarsha Pokhrel was selected as he got declared the winner of the jersey design contest. Unfortunately, Nepali Cricket Team couldn’t attend the event as they were under the Bio-bubble observation of ICC. CAN’s Treasurer Roshan Kumar Singh and my Second Teacher’s cofounder Mr. Sulav Budhatokhi together unveiled the New Jersey, where the winner Adarsha Pokhrel was handed over the cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh cash prize.

“In the search of an astounding and eye catching jersey design, we had collaborated with CAN for the jersey design contest opened to all. To our amazement, many of the designers participated in this contest. They gave us astonishing designs that would surely capture the eyes of all. The Nepali cricket team will wear this jersey in the upcoming important matches. Moreover, we are proud to award the winner of this contest, Mr. Adarsha Pokhrel for the outstanding and eye catching design, hereby awarding him with prize money of Rs. 1Lakh on the behalf of my Second Teacher. “Co-founder Sulav Budhatokhi added.

Also, CAN’s Treasurerstated,”Due to the never-ending trust and faith of our well-wishers and high-spirited cricket fans, Nepali cricket has been able to set a new benchmark. To mark their presence and noteworthy contribution, we were obliged to initiate this opportunity to them. We believe that this jersey sets new rays of hopes and strengthens the playability and performance of our players, making them realize their responsibility to the nation and Nepalese altogether. Furthermore, we thank our sponsor, mySecondTeacher for their remarkable contribution and cooperation for this event.”

“In the selection process, we looked out for the usage of National flag’s color, nation’s cultural and biological diversities, international practices as well as the originality of the designer’s work in the jersey.” A member of the selection team mentioned. The winning jersey engraves the color of the national flag along with the flag itself on the shoulders. The front view of the jersey exhibits the tallest peak in the World, Mount Everest and One horned rhino, the national emblem of Nepal. Whereas, the rear view of the jersey signifies our nation’s cultural and biological diversity and the unity that our nation upholds. The jersey shallsoon be worn by the players for the first time, on September 5, in a One Day Series against Papua New Gini.