Nepal ranked 108th out of 180 countries in CPI report

KATHMANDU, JANUARY 30: Nepal has been ranked 108th in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) report prepared by Transparency International (TI) in 2023 showing a slight improvement compared to 2022 when it was ranked 110th with a score of 34.

In the assessment of 180 countries, Denmark secured the first position with a score of 90, indicating the lowest corruption, followed by Finland, New Zealand, Norway, and Singapore. Other top-ranking countries include Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. Somalia is ranked 180th, indicating the highest corruption problems, followed by Venezuela, Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen. Nepal’s neighboring countries India and China are ranked 93rd (with a score of 39) and 76th (with a score of 42), respectively.

The report is based on data from the World Bank, World Economic Forum, and other organizations, aiming to assess how countries have responded to corruption over time. It highlights the importance of addressing weaknesses in justice systems to enhance accountability and combat corruption.