Nepalese Cadet Shreejan Baniya Received Oversee Gold Medal in Pakistan


Kathmandu, Oct, 22. In a momentous occasion at the Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad, Cadet Shreejan Baniya of Nepal has been honored with the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Oversee Gold Medal. This distinguished award recognizes him as the best foreign cadet among his peers during the passing out ceremony held yesterday.

The award ceremony was a testament to the unwavering commitment and relentless hard work exhibited by Nepalese cadets throughout their rigorous training at the prestigious Pakistan Military Academy. Cadet Shreejan Baniya’s exceptional dedication and exemplary performance have not only brought honor to himself but have also strengthened the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Nepal and Pakistan.

This accolade symbolizes the close ties and cooperation between the two nations and serves as a testament to the excellence and dedication demonstrated by foreign cadets who pass through the rigorous training programs at Pakistan Military Academy. Cadet Shreejan Baniya’s achievement is sure to inspire future generations of cadets from Nepal and other countries to strive for excellence in their military training.