Neurosurgeon Devkota returns to Kathmandu after reaching his birthplace


Kathmandu, June 9. Senior Neurosurgeon Prof Dr Upendra Devkota was taken to his birthplace at Anppipal in Gorkha and was brought back to Kathmandu on Saturday.

Dr Devkota, who is suffering from gallbladder cancer, was taken to his birthplace in Gorkha as per his wish. In his village, Dr Devkota was fed water from Sisnedhara (stone tap) and was kept in the village for around an hour before bringing him to Bansbari-based Neuro Hospital, Kathmandu.

Dr Devkota was taken to his village by a helicopter. Around 500 people thronged Dr Devkota’s house in the village to see him. Dr Sanjaya Karki, who accompanied Dr Devkota, said that Dr Devkota expressed his happiness after seeing the locals by saying ‘I feel very happy and I feel amazed’.

Dr Devkota’s spouse Dr Madhu, three daughters, medical team members and a relative had reached Gorkha in two helicopters. Currently, Dr Devkota is receiving treatment in the ICU of the Neuro Hospital.