Export of handicrafts amounting to more than Rs 3.26 billion

KATHMANDU, JUNE 14: In the past ten and a half months, Nepal exported handicraft items exceeding Rs 3.26 billion. According to the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN), felt items make up the highest portion of these exports and imports, Federation Director General Uttam Prasad Devkota told the RSS.

By May 28 (Jeth 15) of the current fiscal year, which started on July 17, 2023, Nepal exported handicrafts made of felt worth over Rs 1.28 billion.

Products made of Allo (Himalayan nettle), bamboo, pote (glass beads), animal bones and horns, ceramic, Dhaka, metal, garments, paper, silk, silver, wood, wool, stone, plants, Pashmina, and more are supplied from Nepal to various countries including India, China, the US, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Britain, Australia, and Singapore.

As stated by the FHAN, there is a growing demand for advanced handicrafts rather than traditional ones in international markets.