Once again, Nepalese victimized in Afghanistan

12 Nepalese security guards, working for Canadian mission, have been killed in the suicide bomb attack by Taliban in Afghanistan, Kabul.

The Nepalese victims were hired by British security international, Sabre International, for the security of Kabul based Canadian mission.  They were residing at PD-1, Banea area near to Jalahbadh.  The attack took place on 5:40 am- Jalahbadh in the golden mini bus, while the victims were on their way to Canadian mission from their resident. During the attack, the pedestrian attackers also attacked on the mini bus, city police Chief, Abdul Rahaman Rahim said.

On the incident, Six Nepalese security officers and four Afghans were also injured severely, and 2 of Indian also lost life, as per Home Ministry of Afghanistan’s press release.