OYO transforms over 150 hotels, Commits to continued growth in Nepal


 Kathmandu, March 18 .  OYO Hotels & Homes, South Asia’s biggest, one of China’s top four, and the world’s fastest-growing chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes & quality spaces, has set a new benchmark in transforming and renovating buildings in a record time of within 14 days – in contrast to the industry standard of upto 90 days.

 With the help of a 1,200+ member strong global team of civil engineers and designers in India, China, Nepal and other international markets, OYO Hotels has powered the transformation of over 150 building across Nepal already while promoting sustainable infrastructure practices in the sector. The company is rapidly ramping up operations in Nepal with presence across key cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Bhaktapur. OYO today operates over 150 franchised hotels and 2500+ exclusive rooms.

According to Aditya Ghosh, CEO, India & SA, The focus on growing and deepening presence in Nepal, India & South Asia is relentless. Key priorities as identified by the business for the year include delivering superior quality of product and service for every OYO brand with a focus on safety and security, winning hearts and minds while expanding our presence deep and wide, a focused fast-paced growth while making partnering with OYO the most attractive entrepreneurial opportunity for asset owners, a greater and deeper engagement among all OYOpreneurs and continuously evolving to become the most-loved hotel brand.

  With the further investment of INR 1,400 crores, I think we are all set to ensure our customers get the best experience and prices like always – but just a little better than yesterday. In Nepal we aim to grow our presence from 3 cities to 15 cities in 2019.”

What’s powering the transformation ?

Dedicated renovation and transformation app to monitor progress: OYO Optimus, the dedicated transformation app, helps OYO teams understand the transformation requirements of a building while giving cost estimates, budget  in addition to assigning tasks and tracking the pace at which the process is taking place. It also enables overall visibility on the process to all the respective stakeholders including the hotel owner and the OYO teams.

Artificial Intelligence led design approach: OYO Hotels utilizes AI-led design approach while evaluating guest feedback on every property and identifying their most-preferred design and is further supported by its in-house design labs. The company’s full-scale, capability-led model allows it to undertake a 360-degree transformation and renovation while upgrading the existing structure of a building – from flooring, plumbing, air conditioning, painting, and electrical fixtures to utilities upgrade. Technology-driven renovation and superior supply chain capabilities allow the company to reduce costs and time.

 OYO Hotels has built and demonstrated deep capabilities in partnering with various formats of real estate and rapidly transforming them. There is a huge disconnect between demand and supply of quality living spaces, forcing travellers and Nepalis to compromise on location, quality and price.

 OYO uses technology and talent to fix this problem. Since its foray, OYO Hotels has expanded its footprint in the country by adding over 150 franchised and OYO branded hotels with comfortable furnished rooms, which include modern amenities including complimentary breakfast, spotless linen, free WiFi, television and 24/7 support with rates starting as low as NPR 999 per night. Over 2,500 exclusive rooms are a part of its chain in the country. OYO is also gearing up for visit Nepal 2020 and is further planning to set its footprints in 15 major cities by 2019-end.