Property details of Labour Minister: houses/lands in 13 places, 150- tola gold and 10- tola diamond

KATHMANDU, MAY 21: Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Dol Prasad Acharya has houses/lands in 13 different places, 150 tolas of gold, 100 tolas of silver and 10 tolas of diamond. Similarly, he owns Rs  21.8 million in cash deposited in the bank along with 67 thousand units of shares worth Rs 10.5 million belonging to various companies.

Likewise, a Prado vehicle valued at Rs 12.5 million is possessed by the minister and a Tata Nexon four-wheeler is registered under the name of his spouse.

This information was mentioned by him in his property details.  According to the Corruption Prevention Act, 2002, prime ministers and ministers shall submit such details within 60 days of joining the government while all public position holders need to submit the details within 60 days after the end of each fiscal year. In addition to the prime minister and ministers, the rule applies to all elected representatives and government employees.