Re-survey of quake survivors in sight to identify missing beneficiaries


Betrawati, March 25 . Re-assessment and survey of the beneficiaries, who have not been included in the list to receive post earthquake reconstruction grant of Rs 300,000, is to be carried out.

Koshnath Adhikari, chief of District Nuwakot Project Implementation Unit of the National Reconstruction Authority, informed that technicians are to be mobilised for collection of details of households who submitted applications demanding their inclusion as beneficiaries.

Two engineers would be deployed in each local level throughout the district for undertaking re-assessment and survey from coming March 29, he shared.

The technicians would carry out re-assessment and survey of over 3500 earthquake survivors who were left out as beneficiaries in the past and submit the data to the National Reconstruction Authority.

The technicians deputed in the field would collect and send data to the centre for analysis by mid-April, he said.
It may take more time to identify genuine beneficiaries based on the analysis of data.