Signature Whiskeys in The Market with New Packaging, Bottling and Flavors


Kathmandu, August 13. Established in 1994, the distinguished whiskey label Signature reintroduces its two splendid whiskeys with refreshed bottles, packaging, and flavors to the Nepali market: Signature Premier Whiskey and Signature Rare Whiskey. Signature embraces the philosophy of “Crafted by Nature,” with a history of delivering exceptional liquors globally and amassing millions of admirers over the years. Nepal Liquors once again takes pride in presenting two extraordinary products of unparalleled quality, now with new tastes, packaging and bottling, to the Nepali market.

Nepal Liquors showcases a range of distinctive beverages in Nepal, including Antiquity Blue Whiskey,Signature Premier Whiskey, Signature Rare whiskey, Royal challenge Whiskey, Smirnoff Vodka, Blue Riband Gin and Mr. Dowell No. 1 Luxury Whiskey, among other choices.

Likewise, the recently introduced Smirnoff vodka from Nepal Liquors has effectively gained popularity among its consumers.This time, an innovative addition from the globally acclaimed Signature brand graces the Nepali market, offering new tastes, packaging and bottling. Signature Premier Whiskey and Signature Rare Whiskey, are now available in sizes of 1 liter, 750ml, 375ml and 180mlcatering to enthusiasts who seek to enjoy these exceptional spirits.