One Click Payment, CellPay Service Launched


Kathamndu, July 31. Cellcom Pvt. Ltd. a NRB Licensed payment service provider has started the operation of Cellpay from Tuesday.

Cellpay can easily be operated with its mobile and web application without any E-wallet and provides services of payments and fund transfers and many more with your own bank account. Along with this Cellpay has been developed considering various international security standards to make the overall system trusted and reliable.

Cellcom has been established as a payment service provider providing services such as different Telecom services, electricity, drinking water, T.V., Internet payments, different shops and restaurants, payments for Movie Hall, Fund Transfer from one to another Bank, domestic remittance, P2P, P2B, P2G, B2P, B2B, B2G and other service operated in Real Time, targeting the Nepalese people through Cellpay offereing Payment services to its customers.

Cellpay can be easily used with both of its Mobile and web application which is easy, fast and reliable. The payments done through Celllpay is made in Real Time. When any of the customer request for payment service, than immediately the amount from their Bank account is deducted as per the instruction and transferred to the bank account of the person to whom the customer has requested to pay the amount. In this way without any E-wallet Cellpay provides payment services which is one of the key features of Cellpay.
Cellpay is a reliable service. Any transaction done with this service is performed through banking system and the customer can easily enjoy these service through any of the partnered bank with Cellpay. Cellpay app is available In Google playstore and Apple Appstore.

For the merchants, they can be associated with Cellpay from which the payment made by Customer will be directly available in their bank account in real time and also the charges applicable for the service by Cellpay is minimal than any other payment service providers. In this way the minimal service charge and Real time transaction provides dual benefit to the merchant. Along with this as large amounts are going out of the country through different other international payment service providers in terms of their service charges in foreign currencies we need to encourage our Nepalese customer to use domestic payment service provider and contribute to securing foreign currencies.

⦁ What is Cellpay?
Cellpay is a NRB licensed payment service powered by Cellcom P. Ltd. Cellpay provides digital payments and fund transfer services through web and mobile channel to help you make payments directly from your bank account. Cellpay is developed considering various international standards security mechanism to make the payment safe and reliable.

2. Is Cell Pay a Wallent Service?
No, Cell Pay is not a wallet service. Customers need not need to make wallet, recharge wallet etc. Cell Pay app is a kind of debit card. Here, cu8stomer can connect app with their one or more bank accounts. One can recharge mobile phone, telephone, electricity, Water supply, internet bill payment, transfer balance, merchant payment, e-commerce and online payment

3. How can Cell pay be activated?
First of all, download cell pay app from Google play store or apple App store. Then fill necessary information as mentioned in KYC and connect with your bank account. After that you can make payments through Cell Pay.

4. How many banks can be connected with Cellpay?Cell pay can be connected with as many bank as you desire but those bank should be associated with Cell pay.

5. In case of Mobile lost having cell pay app:
You don’t need to worry whether any transaction is made through your lost mobile that have your cell pay app as cell pay will not store or save any of your information. Otherwise, you can inform your bank or contact us for blocking your cell pay account.

6. In case of changing your mobile set:
Opening of Cell pay app is limited to only one mobile set for one time. If your mobile set is changed, you should log in first and after that you will receive an OPT through SMS. Once you receive OPT, enter it in mentioned place and enjoy the cell pay service.

7. In case of SIM Card lost:
Opening of Cell pay app is limited to only one SIM Card for one time. If your SIM card is lost , you should log in with your new SIM Card first and after that you will receive an OPT through SMS. Once you receive OPT, enter it in mentioned place and enjoy the cell pay service.

8. What is Cell pay Loyalty?
Cell pay loyalty is a customer scheme offer. In this scheme you can get certain bonus in each transaction you made and you can get recharge card of any telecommunication service provider.

9. Limitations for Cell Pay Service transaction:
Cell pay app is limited up to the transaction mentioned by Nepal Rastriya Bank depending upon the nature of the transaction.

10. Transaction cost and rate of Cell Pay App:
Cost and rate for different transaction of Cell Pay is mentioned below:
⦁ Cash transfer for Cell Pay users: From Rs. 2 to Rs. 20