“Apex Business Hotel is amazingly unique”


KATHMANDU, FEBRUARY 15: Run by DYK Hospitality, Apex Business Hotel was commenced a year back. “It not only embodies the features of a business hotel but also promises something more,” states Durga Prasad Subedi, Chairman of DYK Group.  DYK Hospitality is a subsidiary of the group that, apart from tourism, is diversified into trading, hydropower, real estate etc.

As a typical business hotel, Apex inherently offers facilities like connection with public transport, time flexibility for check-in and check-out, guarded parking, etc. Moreover, the food/service and ambience our guests can enjoy here are said to be distinctly different.

“When it comes to our dishes, they are up-the-mark in terms of both quantity and quality. The amount of food we offer complies with the set standards and special attention is paid to ensure the highest level of the hygiene factor,” Subedi claims.  “Being a yoga/meditation practitioner, I am well aware of how important is healthy food for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of a person. As such, I take the personal initiative to guide the cooking team to prepare cuisines that have zero harmful substances like trans fat health benefits for our guests. ”

As far as the ambience goes, the hotel has tried to add a new dimension to the concept of a business hotel. On the walls of rooms and corridors, there are portraits of internationally well-acclaimed business tycoons like Steve Jobs and Ratan Tata carrying their motivating quotes.

The seven-storeyed building of Apex Business Hotel has a total of 40 rooms. They are categorised as deluxe, standard and studio and the price ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 22,000 per day.    The studio rooms, in particular, boast a modern facility such as a jacuzzi and offer a package of premium quality wine/whiskey, dry fruits, etc. Additionally, there is a well-customised cooking facility for those who want to cook for themselves.

According to Subedi, the occupancy rate of the hotel is around 50 per cent. Of the total guests, 50 per cent are domestic and the rest half foreign. For the entertainment of guests,  the hotel conducts a variety of musical performances and also has an arrangement of karaoke systems for the same.

Apex’s service is not limited to just food and lodging but also extends to event-related facilities. On the topmost floor i.e. 7th lies a conference hall with the Sleshamantak forest and Golf course in the background (east side).  “Be it personal, social or business, any kind of event can be held here which offers a customizable seating arrangement,” Subedi informs.

The total investment made by DYK Hospitality for building the hotel stands at Rs 210 million. Subedi is confident that they will be able to secure returns in the long run. “It has been more than three decades since we have been DYK Group effectively and efficiently.  It means we possess proven knowledge/skills and intensive experiences regarding various domains of the Nepali business.  And, we are committed to leveraging such knowledge and experiences to reap both tangible and intangible benefits from Apex,” he states.