‘Childhood cancers are more responsive to treatment’


KATHMANDU, FEBRUARY 18: Doctors have said childhood cancers are more responsive to treatment. Pediatric Oncologist at the  Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Dr Sucharika Tandukar, said childhood cancers have better cure rates as compared to cancers in adults.
“Other diseases could be seen along with cancer in adults,” she mentioned, adding as children suffering from cancer have less possibility of having other diseases, there is a higher chance of recovery.

Dr. Tandukar shared, “Many children die an untimely death due to cancer in lack of access to treatment in Nepal. Around 1,000 children suffer from cancer every year, only 500 have access to treatment.”

Similarly, Pediatric Oncologist at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Dr. Rhitu Sapkota, explained that 30 per childhood cancer is cured, stating that around 70 per cent of children cannot be completely cured due to lack of timely treatment.

Underdeveloped countries like Nepal have low childhood cancer survival rate, added Dr. Sapkota, sharing that it is 80-90 per cent in developed countries. Chances of curing cancer are less in adult as adults are found suffering from different diseases likes high blood pressure and diabetes.

The government has a target of curing 60 per cent childhood cancers till 2030 in Nepal, added Dr .Sapkota. Blood cancer cure rate on children is 97 per cent in the world. Children are found suffering mostly from blood cancer, bone cancer and eye cancer.
Ten per cent of children suffer from cancer due to heredity and 90 per cent due to genetic defects. Childhood cancers are treated at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences, BP Koirala Memorial Hospital, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital and Kanti Children’s Hospital.