Construction of ICP in Biratnagar completes   


Biratnagar, Nov 9 .  The construction of integrated custom check post (ICP) that had begun in 2016 has completed in Biratnagar, and is waiting for official inaugural.

The ICP is built in 129 bigha of land. Although the MoU for its construction was signed between Nepal and India in 2006, the construction began only since 2016.

Dineshchandra R Agrawal of Ahmadabad in India was awarded the contract for the construction of the ICP with the estimated cost of Indian currency Rs1.14 billion.

Custom Officer Madiram Poudel shared, “Once the government of India officially hands over the ICP to Nepal in some days, we will begin operation here.” He believed that the ICP is expected to facilitate the works of the Biratnagar Custom Office which will contribute to addressing the congestion caused by the high volume of cargo traffic as well as the people’s movement.