“Economy is returning to normalcy”


JANUARY 23: Minister for Finance Dr, Prakash Sharan Mahat has said that the national economy is steadily returning to normalcy. Speaking at the inauguration of the new Mahagadhimai municipality building in Bara yesterday, Minister Mahat acknowledged the economic challenges faced upon assuming office but highlighted the economy was improving.

Additionally, Mahat reassured the public of discussions with officials from both Nepal and India concerning the potential reopening of several checkpoints along the Bara district border. Emphasizing the accelerated efforts to attract investments for the Nijgadh Airport, he urged the public not to doubt the progress of the airport’s construction.

Providing updates on infrastructure projects, Minister Mahat mentioned the nearing completion of the Sunkoshi Marine Diversion Multipurpose Project. He expressed confidence that the project’s conclusion would significantly enhance irrigation in various districts within the Madhesh region.

In a separate visit to Choti Bhansar, a customs office at Simraungadh in the district, Minister Mahat pledged to expedite the opening of the customs point. Furthermore, Mahat inspected the Sanphulawa checkpoint in Swarna rural municipality on the same day, underscoring the government’s commitment to enhancing regional connectivity.





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