Unique middle eastern dining experience by Kathmandu Marriott Hotel


Kathmandu, Nov 11.  Kathmandu Marriott Hotel located in the capital city of Nepal is hosting a week-long event ‘Arabian Souk’ where the city folks get a chance to experience everything Arabian. With a range of mouth-watering dishes from the Middle East and tempting hookah flavours, the hotel is also showcasing an exciting performance by a famous belly dancer.

This event is the brainchild of Guest Chef Mina Ayoub and Executive Chef Sanjeev Ranjan of Kathmandu Marriott Hotel who created the perfect menu that would take the guests through the various cities in middle east. Guests also get a chance to experience live kitchen and interact with the chefs.

This event will be open to guests until November 16th at Thamel Kitchen, Kathmandu Marriott Hotel from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Guests are requested to make reservations beforehand.