Preparation for Hangzhou Asian Games has Completed

Hangzhou, July 28. On July 27, HAGOC held the second Hangzhou Asian Games Press Briefing. During the briefing, Ding Jiong, Director of HAGOC’s Games Services Department, Xu Deqing, Director of HAGOC’s Press and Public Relations Department briefed to members of foreign and local media organizations regarding Games services.

Latest progress of preparations for media services for the Games, draw results of team sports for the Games and the latest information on Entry by Name. The briefing was hosted by Xu Bin, Deputy Director of the Press and Public Relations Department of HAGOC.

The Team Draw is now Complete – A Milestone for the Games Under the supervision of the OCA, the Team Draw was carried out among four AFs, namely Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC), Asian Sepaktakraw Federation (ASTAF) and Asian Handball Federation (AHF).

The completion of the Team Draw is a milestone for the Hangzhou Asian Games, as it finalises a key aspect of the competition schedule and informs other operations, including ticketing and TV broadcasting. It also helps boost ticket sales and, most importantly, it allows NOCs to prepare appropriately for the Games.

All 483 competition events across 61 disciplines in the 40 sports for the Games have now been finalised. The three stages of sport entry, Entry by Sport, Entry by Number and Entry by Name, are now complete with Asia’s 45 NOCs entering more than 12,527 athletes in the Games. The number of participating athletes surpasses that at previous Asian Games. All 56 competition venues are now operational and ready for the event, and 4,575 ITOs/NTOs have been appointed.

The General Competition Schedule and detailed schedules are essentially complete. The Sport Operations Centre, Sport Information Centre, 78 competition operations teams and 31 training operations teams have been assembled. All staff are ready to begin and their professionalism and skills have been further developed through training sessions and test events.

All kinds of sports publications have been drawn up. According to the organizer the planning and organization of competitions for the Hangzhou Asian Games is essentially complete.

The Asian Games Village is Ready – The Best Possible Food, Accommodation,
Transport will be Provided for Village Residents. HAGOC has organized catering services for each of the eight (8) client groups to ensure a high standard of catering is provided consistently throughout the Games.

According to the brief, with the Completion of the Basic Infrastructure, the MMC will Offer High-Quality and Efficient Services. The MMC serves as the base of operations for accredited media and broadcasters, providing them with a place to work and live during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

HAGOC will ensure that the MMC and its operations are well-managed and will strive to provide professional services, to an international standard, to local and foreign media journalists and staff. In planning and designing the MMC, we focused on meeting requirements, providing comprehensive services, capturing the character of Jiangnan, and ensuring the project was well-coordinated.