RMC Foods launches edible oils under ‘Nutriplus’ Brand


 Kathmandu, Nov16. RMC Foods has officially launched various edible oils under the brandnameNutriplus’. To begin with, the company has launched three types of edible oils: ‘Nutriplus’Refined Sunflower, Soybean, and Palmolein oil in different packings.

The RMC group is a well-known and established institution serving the construction sector, as one of the market leaders, in Nepal for the last thirty years. With the motif “we are builders of the future,” the company is a spinal contributor to the nation’s economy and has received continuous support and trust from the customers is this capital of faith that motivated the company to be involved in the food sector through the RMC Foods.

In addition, the company has engaged the services of the celebrated BBC master chef finalist Santosh Shah as the brand ambassador for brands under RMC Foods.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Agrawal, the Executive Director of RMC, stated, ‘RMC’ as a group is already a trusted brand, and the only aim we want to achieve is to produce qualitative foods and win the heart of our customers. And if we continue to receive such support and love, we are confident that soon ‘RMC Foods’ and ‘Nutriplus’ will be able to place themselves at the heart of every house.”

The company is confident that in the coming days, more quality products under ‘Nutriplus and other brands will be gradually introduced in the market.