The monthly interest rate in Sanima’s all accounts with Bumper Dhamakaoffers


Kathmandu, July 17. Sanima Bank is providing monthly interest rates on all Sanima accounts from the new fiscal year. Sanima’s Nepali and foreign currency: US dollar, Euro, Great Britain pound, Australian dollar, accounts are providing monthly interest. It is applicable to all saving accounts, call accounts, and fixed deposit accounts.

Likewise, Sanima Bank has launched Sanima Dhamaka Fixed Deposit for its individual and institutional customers. Deposits made under this scheme will be 5 times in a minimum period.

Scheme Sanima Remittance Dhamaka Fixed Deposit Sanima Dhamaka Fixed Deposit Sanima CorporateDhamaka Fixed Deposit
Double(2x) 5.79 years (69 months and 14 days) 6.32 years (75 months and 24 days)  6.94 years (83 months and 7 days)
Tin Guna(3x) 9.18 years (110 months and 3 days) 10.01 years (120 months and 1 day) 11 years (131 months and 28 days)
Char Guna(4x) 11.58 years (138 months and 29 days) 12.63 years (151 months and 14 days) 13.88 years (166 months and 15 days)
PanchGuna(5x) 13.45 years (161 months and 9 days) 14.66 years (175 months and 25 days) 16.12 years (193 months and 10 days)
Minimum Balance Rs. 500,000/- Rs. 500,000/- Rs. 1,000,000/-

The fixed deposit amount will be paid in a lump sum up to 5 times after its maturity. Individual customers can apply for a loan facility up to the 90% limit of the fixed deposit amount, and also apply for a free credit card.

Similarly, the bank has introduced the Sanima Recurring Deposit account to its customers willing to earn maximum interest by saving monthly. Recurring account can be opened from 1 to 5 years where installments and interests are credited into this account on monthly basis. The customer won’t need to worry about a decrease in interest rate.

Sanima Bank is providing banking services from 127 offices and 120 ATM networks in all 7 provinces.