Realme Announces Latest Commitment to 5G Development


Kathmandu, April 20 . Global technology disruptor realme today announced in an open letter by the CEO Sky Lithat the company is solidifying its efforts to become a “popularizer of 5G”. Skylaid out the firm’s latest plansto advance the adoption of 5G in markets with 5G infrastructure and bring the technology to maximum users worldwide.

According to Li, realme will scale up its 5G roll-out,aiming to provide a full line-up of high-performance and affordable 5G products with trend-setting designs that will make up 70% of its global portfolio within two years. The first stage includes India, Southeast Asia and Europe as priority markets, realme will further promote 5G products to additional regions, allowing more users to enjoy an enhanced experience powered by the high speed and low latency typical of 5G technology. 

In addition, realme will establish seven dedicated 5G R&D teams across the globe, and allocate 90% of its R&D resources plus USD30 million exclusively for the development of 5G technology, products and application scenarios based on the unique needs and usage habits of the younger generation – its target customer. 

As the world’s 7th largest and fastest growing smartphone company, realme is bringing its “Dare to Leap”spirit to its promotion of5G technology. Since launching its first 5G device, the X50 5G, in January 2019, realme has launched a series of5G smartphones of variable price ranges globally,driving the brand’s position as a market disruptor and leading player in the field of 5G.