Tax increase stokes protest


Bhadrapur, Aug 16. Demonstrations were taken out in Mechinagar of Jhapa on Wednesday in protest of the rampant increase in tax at local level.

Participants at a protest programme held under the aegis of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), Ward No 10 had staged sit-in for two hours at main gate of Mechinagar and submitted letters of attention to the offices of municipality and concerned wards.

The protesters had demanded immediate withdrawal of the decision of putting excessive tax burden on town people without setting any scientific basis and urged the authorities to determine new tax rates in a more logical way.

People cannot pay the taxes imposed unilaterally without bringing into consideration their pay capacity, the protesters said in an outrage.

While submitting the letter of protest to municipality’s Chief Administrative Officer Sahadev Rayamajhi, the locals warned that they would launch phase-wise struggle against the decision if the municipality did not address the issue peacefully.