The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year 2076


Kathmandu, April 13 . Nepal is truly a cultural potpourri and when it’s about choosing how to spend your time, there’s never a dearth of options. People from around the world visit Nepal for a variety of reasons- some lured by the call of the mountains, others intrigued by the culture and some come for the love of spiritual healing.

The Nepal New Year 2076 is one-of-its-kind celebration where people of all ages actively participate and rejoice! This celebration is an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate what we have achieved in the last year and start the New Year on a high note.

As you get together to kick things off, OYO Hotels Nepal has listed some fun activities that you can experience with your family and loved ones-

⦁ Enjoy a Street Event:

Holiday party season is on us: work parties, intimate gatherings with friends and family reunions- there is no shortage of these “street parties” which include performances by live musicians and DJs. These parties also have fun contests and lucky draws with promising prizes. These events largely take place in the Basantapur Durbar Square, Kritipur and in some shopping malls. While some of these events require you to purchase an advance ticket, some are free to attend.

Rest assured that there will be Jatras taking place in various local areas which embrace old cultures and customs – a good opportunity to spend some quality family time. You can opt to stay at any OYO hotel in Kathmandu or Pokhara for a truly amazing hospitality experience.

Watch the Sunrise:

By witnessing the beauty and awe of the sunrise, you can slow down your perception of time. There’s a reason sunrise is timeless and a constant standby of poets, writers and romantics – hence sun-gazing is an old method of healing and awakening one’s senses, which always reflects a new beginning.

If you are a diehard romantic, and witnessing beautiful daybreak brings joy into your mundane life, then opt for Pokhara – one of the most strategic locations to view sunrise in Nepal. Of course, we can’t be bothered to drive to Pokhara at 2 am in the morning in order to catch the sunrise. You can always travel to the city on New Year’s Eve and after you are done celebrating, you can opt to stay at ⦁ OYO 233 ⦁ Hotel Sublime ⦁ Pokhara or ⦁ OYO 295 ⦁ Asha⦁ Lodges to soak in the serene view of the mountains.

⦁ Dance Your Heart Out:

What is it about moving our bodies to a song we love that is so joyful? Nothing comes close to cha-cha that lifts both one’s heart rate and spirits while partying in a club. If going to clubs is not your idea of fun, get your group together and host a customised fun theme party at an OYO Hotel of your choice. In case you want to have an after-party you can take the celebration to OYO 131 Hotel Milarepa located in Thamel.

Temple Visit:

So, you’ve done all your touristy shopping and you’re tired of the malls and just need a nice place to relax and take in the culture of Nepal? Well, when looking for culture and tradition, the temples of Nepal are definitely worth visiting! Visits to these holy places are traditional yet offer a spiritually stimulating experience to usher in the New Year.

The Champa Devi temple in South-West of Kritipur is especially visited on the New Year where devotees wait patiently and get in the queue to catch a glimpse of the deity. Of the other temples nearby there is Pashupatinath and you can stay in at OYO 105 Hotel Travel Inn. Another option is Boudhanath where you can rest your night in ⦁ OYO 293 Hotel Royal ⦁ Boudha. Along with this, you will be able to also witness the cultural fair that takes place in Champa Devi every New Year.

⦁ Family Time:

When the whole family is involved in planning fun activities, you’ll have more opportunities to experience special moments. This New Year’s Eve give a boost to all the positivity you need by engaging and participating with family. One of the sought-after options in Nepal on the New Year is to have a potluck in parks and throw a feast at home while having home-cooked food.

You may not be the type to play family football in the park but you can surely grab a deck of UNO cards and keep the whole family involved! What’s more, you can double the fun with wholesome snacks and drinks to complement the fun.

Let’s just keep our competitive side on the low though – we would still want everyone to end the old year on talking terms! You can even book a room at ⦁ OYO 11474 ⦁ Gangaur⦁ Residency to host these parties in case you wish to have a change of place.