Nepal CRS launched “Meri Sangini” a family planning App


  Kathmandu, June 14. Meri Sangini is a mobile application designed to provide   detailed information on the short acting reversible methods of contraception. Although the information provided is suitable for any person of reproductive age, it will be more useful for adolescents and newly married couples who seek detailed information regarding the short acting reversible methods, including the common side effects possessed by each of them. We advise consultation with a qualified service provider for      selection of the method most suitable for each individual.

An extensive FAQ section addresses general questions about short acting contraception and common concerns specific to each contraception method. Additionally, the application also provides a platform for the existing and potential users to seek further information on the use of contraceptives.

The app also provides the GPS location and map of the private pharmacies, clinics and social franchising network outlets nearest to the user location where the products and services are available.

The Director of the Family Welfare Division and Chairman of Nepal CRS Company, Dr. Tara Nath Pokhrel, has reinforced the importance of using mobile technology to increase the access to information on family planning methods and is hopeful that the application will help consumers to make informed choices on the use of short acting contraceptive methods.

The Director of National Health Education, Information and Communication Center (NHEICC)Dr. Radhika Thapaliya shares, “This application will provide accurate information on family planning methods and covers all the related information. This app is very simple to use and the contents are easy to understand.

The Managing Director of Nepal CRS Company, Jiblal Pokhrel also has highlighted the importance of family planning in improving the National health status and reducing the maternal mortality rates. He has further highlighted the use of digital platforms to increase access to information at user’s convenience and the possibility of linking the users directly to the product and service providers through the digital medium.

Meri Sangini App mobile application has been developed by Nepal CRS Company, with support from USAID and technical assistance from SHOPS PLUS and in coordination with National Health Education, Information and Communication Centre

 Meri Sangini App is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free of cost.CRS is committed to provide family planning, maternal and child health and HIV/sexually transmitted infection prevention products and services. It offers 12 products and serves in all 77 districts of the country. Some of the iconic brands marketed by CRS included Dhaal, Panther, Sangini and Nilocon White.